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Industry leading solutions to enable your entire team.

  • Site-to-site fiber connectivity
  • VoIP Call Center solutions
  • Private and Guest Wi-Fi networks
  • Networking and Cabling
  • Cloud data storage

Many Locations, One Organization – Dominion Voice and Data is helping a specialty care provider unite their many offices into one unified network.

Dominion Voice and Data focuses on deploying solutions that are dependable, robust, and purpose built.

More Than a Solution

  • Dependable – All of our solutions are fully supported by our trained and certified operations team, ensuring your peace of mind
  • Robust – Start small, but scale quickly and easily. We offer solutions and payment packages for any size and any budget. We grow as you grow
  • Purpose Built – Deploy devices and solutions purpose built for medical environments. We have devices made for 24x7 use which are also HIPPA compliant

More Than a Partner

  • Industry Experts – Our team is heavily involved in all aspects of the healthcare industry, helping our clients make sound decisions for their entire organization
  • 24x7x365 – Our technical team is available anytime you need assistance, with plans that include unlimited service and support. Have peace of mind knowing your system is fully protected
  • Superior Deployments – We go beyond the transaction, working side-by-side with the administrative staff to ensure a successful deployment

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Finding your new IT support partner can be a challenging task, that’s why businesses are choosing to partner with Dominion Voice and Data.

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Key signs to know you are ready:

  • You need a better solution for your connectivity between your multiple locations
  • Your phone solution is outdated, and does not integrate with a dependable mobile communication solution
  • You need to establish a Call Center
  • You need better Wi-Fi for guest and staff

Read our article for more information on the benefits of partnering with Dominion Voice and Data.

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