Meet Your Organization’s Strategic IT Needs With a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Does your IT service provider only fix tech issues? Simply implementing technology tools isn’t enough to keep your business thriving and IT environments secure. You need proactive technology alignment that provides you with a more efficient and profitable work environment by reducing reactive issues. 

What is a vCIO?

A vCIO is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure you have the IT infrastructure and processes your organization needs to thrive in today’s volatile markets.

In today’s world, technology has truly become a driving force behind most businesses. It is a function of your business that impacts all other areas, which means that basic, reactive IT support is no longer enough. What should you expect from a vCIO?

  • vCIOs should proactively plan new IT projects based on your business needs and budget.
  • Your vCIO must guide you in planning IT budgets and cost-optimization strategies.
  • Your vCIO should build an effective line of communication with decision-makers to provide the tech expertise you need to meet business objectives.
  • vCIOs must be agile and flexible enough to pivot quickly as the market changes


Is your current MSP preparing your business for what comes next?

Many IT providers have not adapted their business to fit the needs of SMBs today. Technology can be an incredible asset to a business if they allow it to work for them rather than against them.  

It is essential that there is a proactive process in place where the MSP regularly reviews your technology environment. Technology should be a vehicle to help you reach your business goals!


Services Provided Basic MSP vCIO
Dedicates time to assess technology environment against high technology standards  
Reduces reactive issues to create more efficiency  
Identifies technology risks proactively  
Fixes technology issues as they arise
Understands where your company is versus
where it needs to be
Uses alignment best practices as a foundation
for strategic planning
Centralizes IT services
Ties technology to business needs, reduces
risks, and captures opportunities
Creates predictability around IT spending  
Delivers professional services
Focuses on business outcomes  


How does a vCIO help?

Technology has become the driving force behind most businesses, and companies continue to become more dependent on IT as our workforce moves to remote and hybrid environments. A vCIO provides SMBs with end-to-end IT services, from aligning business objectives with IT systems and formulating long-term strategic IT plans, to analyzing business processes and facilitating changes in technology. 


Curious about what makes a good vCIO? Download our free guide to learn more.