Helping Businesses Transition to a Remote Workforce

Over the last year, businesses of all sizes and industries have been forced to navigate how to provide remote workforce solutions quickly. Here at Dominion Voice and Data, we are no stranger to helping businesses set up their IT infrastructure to accommodate work-from-home capabilities, long before it was a necessity.

Remote Workforce Capabilities

Telecommuting is similarly just about as profitable as working in the workplace - if you have the support and the right tools to succeed. Today’s workplace tools are completely centered around collaboration and communication tools, including voice, videoconference, instant message, Office365, Microsoft Teams, and access to files whether cloud-based or via VPN. 


Network Protection

Network protection is also a must because there has been an increase in cyberattacks trending over the last decade. Cybercriminals are sending a whirlwind of COVID-19 phishing assaults and are going after remote employees sitting at home expecting to access individual and their friend's data. Businesses now more than ever are coming around to the idea of remote working, but many don't know where to start. Dominion Voice and Data is committed to providing cost-effective solutions, with no need for expensive on-premise equipment that depreciates and becomes obsolete.

Workspace-as-a-Service Benefits

So how can you as a business set up our team for success? Cloud Services allow you to access your data and programs from any PC or device, using an app or by logging in through the internet. Your home screen with all associated programs, files, and software needed can be accessed from anywhere at your convenience. The need for updates to operating systems and software are managed remotely by us.

Workspace-as-a-Service or WaaS allows flexibility and mobility, there is an immediate boost to productivity, and your entire team will be able to share data, collaborate, and connect. It is also important to ensure systems are in place to back up and restore data, as well as disaster recovery protocols ensuring that you remain up and running at all times.

The majority of IT administration can be routed through us, which will free up some of your budget for other areas of your business. This service includes 24/7/365 monitoring and access to Remote Help Desk support. Contact us to get started.


If you would like to hear more about how Dominion Voice and Data can help your organization, click on the link below to speak to a member of our team.