How Richmond, VA Companies Can Get Strategic IT Support

Today’s business landscape is highly competitive, and technology evolves continuously. For example, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation are key technology trends that demand specialized knowledge from IT staff members at companies.

Companies in Richmond, Virginia need to adapt to digital transformation to stay competitive. However, keeping ahead of the curve can be difficult for businesses that lack a deep bench of technology expertise.

That’s where virtual CIO (vCIO) services can help. Technology Magazine reported a “rise of the Virtual CIO” that was triggered by pandemic-era changes in the business model for many technology subject matter experts.

Richmond, VA businesses benefit from technology consulting expertise and leadership when they adopt vCIO services.

What Are vCIO Services?

Many companies have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who provides information technology leadership and expertise as part of the C-suite. A virtual CIO (vCIO) is a person or team of people who provide outsourced IT consulting and advisory services. Unlike a traditional in-house CIO, who is typically a full-time executive, vCIOs can provide strategic IT guidance and support when needed both remotely and on-site.

vCIO services can be outsourced on a short or long-term basis, depending on a company’s needs. With vCIO services, Richmond-area companies can align their technology strategies with business goals.

Typically, vCIO services are delivered by a dedicated team consisting of a Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) and vCIO. The TAM and vCIO meet with your company regularly to conduct business reviews so they can better understand your goals and strategies, assess progress, and help you adapt to changes.

vCIO services may include building a technology roadmap and managing projects. Your dedicated advisory team can give you advice on technology purchasing decisions and identify opportunities for modernization, as well as set and carry out long-term plans for digital transformation.

What Is a Technical Alignment Manager (TAM)?

A Technical Alignment Manager is a team member at your managed IT services partner who is dedicated to getting to know your company’s IT infrastructure and technology goals. The TAM runs quarterly business reviews conducted with your company as part of vCIO services and serves in an advisory capacity.

Based on an in-depth understanding of your company, your TAM can make recommendations about technology investments and initiatives, including network security strategies. For example, your TAM can proactively address risk and compliance issues to prevent them from snowballing.

Benefits of Adopting vCIO Services in the Richmond, VA Area

Adopting vCIO services has many advantages for Richmond-area businesses. vCIO services are a great way for companies to explore and realize their growth potential.

Working with a vCIO allows your company to leverage industry expertise and leadership experience without paying a full-time C-level salary. Instead, your company benefits from advisory services on an as-needed basis through outsourcing. Using vCIO services is a cost-effective way for SMBs to take advantage of enterprise-level expertise that may not otherwise be within their reach.

When you work with a local provider of vCIO services, you gain insights into local IT challenges, including threats in the Richmond, VA risk landscape. By having worked with other Richmond-area companies, your vCIO and TAM are likely to have already encountered many of the issues your business will experience.

Finding the Right Technology Consulting Partner

Before choosing a technology consulting partner, consider the benefits of working with a local partner for vCIO services. DVD Networks has been operating in the Richmond, VA area for over 20 years, serving as a technology advisor to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises.

DVD provides vCIO services to Richmond-area businesses as part of our Technology Consulting offerings. We understand professional consulting may be an occasional need for some clients. Our vCIO services allow companies to consult a trusted advisor before making decisions. Our TAMs and vCIOs can help you build a long-term technology strategy, step by step.

Don’t take our word for it. See what one of our customers has to say about our vCIO services:

“We were so excited to have the Technical Alignment Manager come in for our network checkup that we used it as an example for our own staff to show clients how much we care.”

--President and Owner of Insurance Agency


Find out how vCIO services can give your Richmond-area company a competitive edge. Request a proposal for Technology Consulting services from DVD.