Leverage the Power of Microsoft Teams to Collaborate More Effectively

Changes in the demographic structure of the workforce have exponentially grown as Millennials will soon outpace other age groups. According to Time Magazine, “by 2025, 3 out of every 4 workers, globally, will be a millennial.” Behavioral trends also show Millennials and Gen Z prefer to work remotely and use collaborative tools.

Leverage the Power of Microsoft Teams

Professional communication and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams are changing the way we work and are becoming the new standard. Providing many new opportunities for improving SMB productivity, these tools help SMBs stay connected with advanced technology, empowering companies to reach unprecedented heights.


Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.

How we work

Microsoft Teams goes far beyond our traditional workplace communication archetype, which includes emails, office calls, and conference calls. Major communication channels have moved to a broader scope, including real-time collaboration, private chat, public chat, audio calls, video calls, and virtual meetings, all of which are included in the Microsoft solution. 


Chad Tester, Chief Operating Officer of Dominion Voice and Data, expressed, "There are a myriad of collaboration tools out there, but the core reason that SMBs will find Microsoft Teams a reliable resource is because it increases an organization’s capacity to collaborate, but more importantly, they can collaborate securely.”


How the workforce determines the communication tools

Millennials, and Gen Z believe that these various communication tools are essential to their success in any organization. This is why Dominion Voice and Data leads the implementation of Microsoft Teams because it is an ideal way to meet the needs of the largest chunk of the workforce while maximizing the productivity of more experienced employees.


Chad Tester, Chief Operating Officer of Dominion Voice and Data, expressed, “An explanation as to why Microsoft is including emojis and GIFs in the software is a clue in understanding who are the power users using this product, and will businesses know how to adapt now, in order to keep attracting top talent in the future.” 


More companies are going international

Trending data shows more and more companies are going international. Whether relying on international suppliers and vendors, developers, or virtual assistants, the need to overcome language barriers has proven to be the key to keeping companies ahead in collaboration.


Quick Tip: A cool feature in Microsoft Teams is the ability to translate languages ​​instantly in chat or messaging functions with just one click.


Finally, companies worried about handling confidential information, which is especially important in industries such as finance and healthcare, can be confident that Microsoft Teams meets the compliance set by various government agencies requirements. Companies that want to improve collaboration and innovation capabilities should consider implementing technologies such as Microsoft Teams.

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