Think You Know Ransomware? Test Your Knowledge!

Think you’ve got what it takes to pass a ransomware quiz? Let’s find out.

Ransomware incidents are regularly in the mainstream news. But it’s not just multi-million dollar companies who are facing increased danger from ransomware threats. Did you know that 50 to 70 percent of ransomware attacks are aimed at small and medium-sized companies?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer or mobile device and is used to extort money from the user by replacing or encrypting files or demanding payment in exchange for restoring access to the device. The creator of the ransomware uses a variety of tricks and techniques to lure users into installing ransomware. Ransomware is encrypted, modified, and packaged together with other software to make it seem less suspicious and gain the trust of the user.

5 Ransomware Quiz Questions. Ready? Let’s Go!

1. What is Ransomware? (Choose 2)

  1. This malicious software encrypts any data it can access on your device
  2. Computer or mobile device that hackers steal physically
  3. Another word for cryptocurrency
  4. Blocks access to a device of data until a ransom is paid
  5. Software that protects your network or mobile device from malware

2. Who or what can be affected by Ransomware?? (Choose 3)

  1. Organizations
  2. Individuals
  3. Your pet
  4. Your office

3. Yes or No, You should actively download unverified attachments or apps, and don't access pirated content like illegally copied movies, music, and software?

  1. Yes
  2. No

4. How Are Ransoms Collected?

  1. Attackers generally require ransoms to be paid in Bitcoin or another “untraceable” electronic format
  2. Attackers generally require ransoms to be paid in Monopoly money
  3. Attackers generally require ransoms to be paid in cash

5. Yes or No, You should keep software up to date and patch known vulnerabilities?

  1. Yes
  2. No


While this quiz was just for fun, it's important to remember the dangers that are out there. Ransomware can lock your data and infect your organizations' network. Remember:

  • Watch out for phishing emails and avoid risky content and websites
  • Back up all of your data—or you could lose it forever
  • Paying the ransom is no guarantee you’ll get your data back

Here is a quick refresher to brush up on your ransomware preparedness knowledge!

  1. So, What Is Ransomware?

    • This malicious software systematically encrypts any data it can access on your device

    • Victims typically receive a pop-up demanding money to restore the data

    • Paying a ransom funds cybercrime and identifies you as a soft target

  2. How Can You Avoid Infection?

    • Ransomware often spreads via phishing emails and malicious websites

    • Avoid accessing untrustworthy websites and pirated or risky content

    • Only download and/or install software from 100% trustworthy sources

  3. Are You Backing Up Your Data?

    • Backups are the best way to minimize the damage caused by an attack

    • Make sure you back up your data in ways that are not susceptible to an attack (i.e., not connected to the same network)


Dominion Voice and Data understands that too many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) aren’t as protected as they should be. Ransomware represents a serious threat to an organization’s data, operations, and financial well-being. We hope these tips and best practices for SMBs help improve your ability to identify, resist and report ransomware to avoid disruption of operations, and possible data and financial loss.


Quiz Answers: 1. a, d - 2. a, b, d, - 3. No - 4. a, - 5. Yes