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Get the Best of Outsourced and In-House IT Support.

With co-managed IT services from DVD Networks, you can seamlessly integrate your existing IT staff with our team of experts. This uniquely effective approach allows us to lend an extra hand, bring in specialist expertise, or cover leaves and gaps in your IT team.

Co-Managed IT Services


A True Partnership

When you partner with us for Co-Managed IT Support, our team of experienced IT professionals works alonagside your internal IT team to provide comprehensive IT support that maximizes your IT potential. As a team, we help your business by supplementing your existing internal IT team with additional expertise and resources, providing comprehensive IT support, and minimizing the workload of their internal IT team.

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Why Choose Co-Managed IT?

If you’re uncertain whether your organization may benefit from an outsourced IT team,
here are 4 key signs that your organization is ready for a change:

Enhance Your IT Security

Our cybersecurity experts continuously monitor networks, implement the latest security software, and educate your staff to mitigate risks. Protect your critical data and infrastructure from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Expand Your IT Capabilities

Whether you need to cover skills gaps, manage workload peaks, or provide after-hours support, our team of certified IT professionals are ready to step in, work alongside your team, and help you exceed your business objectives.

Boosted Efficiency

By leveraging the expertise of your internal IT team alongside the assistance of a co-managed service provider, you can enhance efficiency and streamline operations across your organization.


As your business expands and evolves, co-managed IT services offer the flexibility to seamlessly adjust to your changing requirements, ensuring a scalable solution that grows in tandem with your organization's development.

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Co-Managed IT Services FAQ

What is the difference between Co-Managed vs Managed IT?

Managed IT Services involves outsourcing IT infrastructure and operations to a third-party provider. The provider takes full responsibility for complete IT operations, including 24/7 monitoring, IT support, and cybersecurity protection.

Co-managed IT Services is a hybrid model where the business's internal IT department partners with an external IT services provider. The third-party provider supplements the in-house IT staff by providing additional support and expertise.

Managed IT Services is ideal for businesses without an internal tech department. Co-managed IT Services are suitable for businesses that have an existing IT team but need help with complex tasks.

Who Benefits from Co-Managed IT?

Co-managed IT services are ideal for organizations with internal IT departments that need additional support and resources, allowing their teams to concentrate on high-impact initiatives.

How will Co-Managed IT Services integrate with our existing IT department?

Co-managed services can work alongside your in-house IT staff, providing additional support and filling in gaps.

How does DVD Networks help free up time for an organization's internal IT team?

DVD Networks helps free up time for an organization's internal IT team by taking on daily IT tasks like infrastructure management, backups, security, etc. This allows the internal team to focus on more strategic initiatives and projects.

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Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

From strategic planning to daily support and disaster recovery, our co-managed IT services bring the additional resources and expertise to handle any IT challenge. Ready to boost your company's productivity and security?

Let's work together to merge the best of your in-house IT team with our expert-managed services.

Co-Managed IT Services

Our Co-Managed IT Support Services

At DVD Networks, we offer a range of managed services for your network and endpoints,
including those for security, support, and data protection. We have your network covered.

Network Management


Network Design and Architecture

We create customized, secure, and scalable network designs tailored to align with
your organization's strategic goals.

Network Security



Network Security and Management

Our Network Operations Center delivers round-the-clock security and support to
make sure your network and equipment are secure and protected from hackers,
breaches, viruses, malware, and other cyber threats.

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Cybersecurity and Data Protection

We offer a full spectrum of cybersecurity services, from risk assessments and threat protection to implementing disaster recovery plans, all designed to protect your data and ensure business resilience against threats.

IT Consulting


IT Consulting & Project Management

Our national support team enables DVD Networks to fulfill the needs of local
businesses in Richmond, VA, as well as those with multiple locations across the US.

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24/7 Help Desk

We provide round-the-clock help desk support, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution for your IT issues, enhancing business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Cloud Solutions


Cloud Managed Solutions

We offer a host of cloud-managed solutions that enable businesses to optimize their IT operations, gain enhanced security, and simplify their technological infrastructure.



Carrier Solutions

Our carrier solutions for internet and voice are delivered through fiber and coaxial networks.

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At DVD Networks, we strive to make the process of finding a new IT support partner for your business as easy as possible. That’s why we offer a custom proposal for your organization. We can design, provision, deploy, maintain, and monitor your network, freeing up your IT staff’s time to better focus on business outcomes.

Senior Living

Senior Living

With over 20 years of experience in the Senior Living industry, DVD understands the unique network challenges Operators and Owners of Senior Living communities face.

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Hospitals and Physician Practices

Hospitals and Physician Practices

DVD has been supporting hospitals and physician practices for more than 20 years, demonstrating the ability to integrate multiple systems successfully.

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Small/Medium Enterprise

Small/Medium Enterprise

All sizes of companies benefit from aligning themselves with technology vendors that understand your specific needs, and DVD’s consultative approach brings value to SMBs.

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Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise

DVD helps large enterprises accomplish more with less by leveraging the latest in business IT and network solutions.

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