IT Services for Skilled Nursing

Enhanced Patient Care Through Specialized IT Services for Skilled Nursing Facilities

DVD Networks helps Skilled Nursing facilities provide high-quality care for patients undergoing rehabilitation after a medical emergency. In the rapidly evolving healthcare sector, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) face the critical challenge of delivering high-quality care while navigating complex regulatory requirements and managing operational efficiencies. DVD Networks has been at the forefront of this transformation, offering bespoke Senior Living IT services tailored to the unique needs of skilled nursing facilities. We empower SNFs to enhance patient care, ensuring a seamless rehabilitation journey for individuals recovering from medical emergencies.

20 Years of Advancing Skilled Nursing with HIPAA-Compliant Tech Solutions

For more than 20 years, DVD Networks has been working with Skilled Nursing facilities, helping them transform their network and communications technology to maintain HIPAA compliance, manage electronic health records (EHRs), and monitor patients. With high-speed networks and mobility solutions, Skilled Nursing centers can support specialized caregivers as they provide rehabilitative care to residents. As part of our client-focused approach to providing managed services that are tailored for Skilled Nursing, DVD Networks assigns dedicated team members to organizations, including a virtual CIO (vCIO) and a Technical Alignment Manager (TAM), who offer personalized support, needs assessments, and strategy development.

Skilled Nursing Solutions

  • Resident and caregiver phone solutions
  • Resident DirecTV entertainment packages
  • Wi-Fi Networks (designed for data or mobile voice capability)
  • Easy-to-use digital devices
  • Mobility solutions that support remote communications for staff and residents
  • Full IT network infrastructure management






Organizational Solutions

  • Solutions fully supported by our trained and certified operations team, ensuring your peace of mind
  • Around-the-clock security and support
  • Solutions and payment packages for any size and any budget
  • Deployment of devices and solutions that are purpose-built for Skilled Nursing staff and residents
  • Carrier Solutions for internet and voice delivered through fiber and coaxial networks
  • Disaster recovery plan to reduce service interruptions and ensure protection of resident data
  • National support team to meet the needs of regional and national operators

Talk to a Skilled Nursing Technology Expert

DVD Networks understands the key role secure and reliable network and communications tools play in rehabilitative care at Skilled Nursing centers by supporting caregivers, streamlining operations, and keeping residents diverted using entertainment. That’s why we offer a custom proposal for your organization. We can design, provision, deploy, maintain, and monitor your network, freeing up your staff’s time to better focus on helping residents recover.


If you’re uncertain whether your Skilled Nursing center needs an IT upgrade, here are 6 key signs you need a change:

  • Your skilled nursing facility is growing
  • Your existing center needs to modernize, and you’re currently utilizing older technology
  • You want to deploy cloud-based applications for your nurses and therapists
  • You need better entertainment and connection tools for your residents
  • Your staff continually spends more time working through technology issues, which may take away time that could be spent caring for patients
  • You feel that better technology systems would improve employee retention rates

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