Surveillance & Security Breakthroughs for SMBs

Surveillance & Security Breakthrough


As security, both online and offline, has become a growing concern for several small business owners, Dominion Voice and Data is educating business owners on how recent advances in face recognition and surveillance camera capabilities can protect their organizations from threats, while simultaneously enhancing customer experience.


“These aren’t your dad’s old security cameras,” stated Chad Tester, COO of Dominion Voice and Data.


Power in surveillance

For years you would hear criminals sneaking into a corporation, following closely behind an employee to sneak in the door behind them. One person would swipe their access card then hold the door open for everybody and the threat would walk right in through the front entrance.

By the time anyone realized there was a possible threat, the infiltrator could’ve already left with any sensitive data that they wanted. Now, with real-time, streaming access paired with face recognition software, surveillance cameras can recognize people by their faces.


Double exposure of businessman shows modern technology as concept


Layers of security

Security cameras have now become intelligent. Some of the most common problems with security in the past were the result of low-light environments with blurry, low-resolution cameras. When a breach would occur, authorities would have to review recordings or employ staff to monitor them live.

However, the recent changes in our industry have taken security to a whole new level. Many SMBs have started to take advantage of extremely sharp, 4K resolution and when paired with facial recognition software, business owners can custom tailor their client experience. This is huge for all sorts of industries, especially organizations that are highly-trafficked or security is an extremely high priority.


Outside threat protection

When cross-checked with a database, certain visitors are often treated as VIPs, elevating their experience, while other suspicious visitors are often prevented from accessing any areas of the organization, at the primary line of defense. Casinos, banks, stadiums, corporate buildings and high-end retailers are obvious industries that would enjoy this technology, however the applications are seemingly endless.

Essentially, every single company now has the ability to constantly monitor all access points, recognize and categorize visitors based on their history with the company, manage important information and detect threats before they occur, instead of needing to remedy attacks after the fact. 


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