How Attractive Is Your Business To Ransomware Gangs?

Tech Tip: How Attractive Is Your Business to Ransomware Gangs?


Business woman using tablet with financial, cloud connectivity conceptAccording to a report from Threat Post, ransomware attacks globally have seen an increase of 151% for the first half of 2021 compared to the previous year's first  two quarters. While it may seem like cybercriminals do not have a clear motive, knowing a little more can help you keep your business safe. 

Businesses in the US are the most popular choice for cybercriminals, with almost half of ads measured in a popular dark web cybercrime forum looking for access to US companies.
What industry you fall under is also an important factor in a company’s likelihood of a ransomware attack. Manufacturers, suppliers, and business services companies are desirable targets. Cybercriminals love killing two birds with one stone. One example being the intention to target a small business, with the ultimate goal of gaining exclusive access that enables cybercriminals to attack a larger, wealthier company.
The most common delivery system for ransomware is a phishing email. Implementing security awareness training can reduce your company’s chance of experiencing a successful phishing attack by up to 70%. Setting the course and making sure that your small business is ready to fight back against a ransomware attack is critical to your future success – 60% of companies that fall victim to a cyberattack go out of business within a year.
Learn how hackers break into your systems with our latest cyber webinar as we uncover the importance of cyber insurance and cybersecurity risk management and how bad actors use phishing campaigns and ransomware to target businesses’ systems for their financial gain. With more people working from home than ever, it’s important to make sure that your sensitive data is secure.