Cyber Insurance and Cybersecurity Risk Management Webinar

A Powerhouse Duo: Cyber Insurance and Cybersecurity Risk Management Webinar

Join the conversation with experts from Dominion Voice and Data and Westover Bon Air Insurance as we discuss what lessons we can learn from the convergence of cybersecurity risk management and practical steps businesses can take towards safeguarding their assets in the event of a cyber attack.

Comprehensive security solutions are more than having a firewall in place and a locked front door. The heartbeat of your business is your customer data and financial exposure, and every day we see front page headlines for data breaches, even at Fortune 500 enterprises. Small businesses are attacked daily as well, and often the damages are so devastating that they never recover, both in terms of financial losses and reputation. 

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What steps businesses can proactively take to mitigate the threat of a cyber attack
  • How cyber insurance, and cybersecurity risk management help bolster your business’s cyber security preparedness
  • How to reduce your risk of a cyber threat pre- and post-incident through detection, response, incident reporting processes, penetration testing, monitoring, and employees' security awareness training
  • How these mission critical procedures apply in an enterprise landscape where prevention is no longer the only line of defense keeping your company safe in the digital world