DVD Networks Referral Program

Make a referral and make a difference for a charity.




Help Make a Difference

We love our clients, and we know that you do too. That's why we're so grateful for all the referrals you send our way. We've grown over the years thanks to great word-of-mouth from the people who trust us with their business IT needs.

And what better reward than that? When you recommend us to someone, you're saying "I trust DVD Networks enough to share your services with my friends and colleagues." That's a huge compliment!
One of our core values is to Do the Right ThingHelp us help others by connecting us with companies that are in need of business IT services and for each new client we earn through a referral, we will make a $500 donation to a different charity each quarter. We will also commit to supporting this charity throughout the quarter through non-financial means such as volunteering, in-kind donation drives, social media promotion, etc.
You can make a real difference for members of our community by recommending us—and we thank you for it!

How Our Referral Program Works


Step 1

Complete the short form to share who could benefit from our services. 

Step 2

A DVD Networks team member will contact you to learn more about whom you'd like to refer to us. 

Step 3

We will donate $500 to a local charity if the referral results in new business.

Submitting Referrals

If you know someone who could benefit from our services, please tell them about us! We would be happy to discuss their needs with them and provide them with a complimentary consultation. Simply fill out our referral form and we’ll take it from there.

If you have questions about the program or the types of companies we’re looking to partner with, e-mail your questions to sales@dvdnetworks.com

Who can submit a referral?

You can qualify whether you are a business owner or an employee of a business we service.

How many referrals can I submit?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

How do I submit multiple referrals?

You can refer additional businesses by submitting the form again.

DVD Networks Gives Back

DVD Networks provides employees a chance to give back to our community and not only raise funds for charity but also allow our employees to get involved! Past non-profits we have supported include:

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Ready to share your success and give back to the community?

Complete the form below with your information to begin submitting your potential referral to us for approval.
We’ll contact you ASAP to learn more about whom you’d like to refer to us.