Why You Should Move Your Business Phone System to the Cloud

It's no secret that as technology continues to advance, antiquated phone systems become more obsolete each year. 


Switching your phone system to the cloud

As time rolls on, lack of functionality becomes more pronounced, leaving business owners with outdated equipment that hinders productivity. As manufacturers advance to innovating and building better versions of their technology, business owners with older phone systems have a really tough time getting support, finding replacement parts and receiving maintenance.

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Using outdated equipment

The greatest risk facing these businesses is that when the outdated telephone system stops working, which is typically once every 5 years, this causes costly downtime because the entire office shuts down and typically takes days to get back up and running.


Is cloud voice the answer?

Most business owners shudder to imagine what it might mean to have their office phones down and how expensive downtime would cost the company. While most unified communications providers simply let this happen to their customers, we've created a program to unravel this problem once and for all, by taking telephony to the cloud.


“Cloud voice is the answer,” stated Chad Tester, COO of Dominion Voice and Data. “Our cloud voice solution works so well because it is dynamic. It is constantly being updated, upgraded and improved to ensure that our customers continuously receive maximum performance from their technology. 



Making the switch

Investing in cloud voice makes the most economic sense for business owners, and of course you would want the bloodline supporting all communications in your business be upgraded to the latest technology standards? Cloud voice is affordable in most cases because the technology is often completely cost justified. CEOs can now make technological improvements to their businesses on-the-fly, without the massive capital outlays that are often related to company infrastructure investments. This is often precisely why switching to VoIP is so innovative.


Chad Tester, COO of Dominion Voice and Data states, “Another reason why this works so well is because a small, predictable operating expense is much better than a huge, unexpected capital expense, especially from a cash flow perspective.”


Manufacturers discontinuing phone equipment

Business owners can now have regular updates, upgrades and automatic improvements to their telephone system through the cloud, without seeing any increases in their monthly bill. Businesses using outdated technology should be wary of manufacturers discontinuing phone equipment and consider switching to cloud voice. 


Chad Tester, COO of Dominion Voice and Data states, "cloud-based technology is much safer for businesses because it spreads the risk of single device failure throughout the cloud instead of being hinged on one physical location. Additionally, our Cloud voice program is unique because it is set-up on a month-to-month agreement, so we get to earn our customers’ business every month. This eliminates all risk of transition and fundamentally shifts our relationship to much more of a partnership than anything else. This mindset shift aligns all employees, customers and management for the same goals. In essence, we do well, when our customers do well.”