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We offer managed IT services for Network Security.

Business networks are constantly under threat from sophisticated and continuously evolving cyber threats. Securing the network has become more challenging as companies rely more heavily on the cloud and endpoints at the edge.

DVD Networks (DVD) understands that network security is a full-time job that most companies don’t have the resources for. At DVD, we can give your business peace of mind by delivering managed Network Security services.

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Managed Network Security

DVD can take over the network security management tasks that may be overwhelming your IT staff in this time of escalating risk. Working with your company to understand your network security challenges, we can develop and enforce policies across your network, including identity and access management parameters. We can also manage your firewalls to prevent threats from gaining access to your systems through the network.


We were so excited to have the Technical Alignment Manager come in for our network checkup, that we used it as an example for our own staff to show client’s how much we care.  Thanks for setting a great example for our team and demonstrating how to show appreciation and care for client concerns.  Thanks DVD!”

--President and Owner of Insurance Agency


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Network Monitoring

DVD can monitor your entire network 24/7, freeing your in-house staff to focus on business strategy. We have the resources to gain full visibility into your network, from your database to all your endpoints. By logging information about any incidents or traffic anomalies that have been detected, we produce valuable threat intelligence that can be used to prevent attacks in the future.


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Threat Detection & Incident Response

Companies that lack the resources for network security are forced to take a reactive approach to threats. DVD helps companies develop and realize preventative network security strategies. We use threat intelligence to identify threats and mitigate them before they can infiltrate the network and spread. Our threat detection and response methods identify persistent and emerging ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats.

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Why Partner With DVD for Network Security

DVD is a trusted advisor for companies in the Richmond area and throughout Virginia. We deliver white glove service for Network Security by assigning our customers a Virtual CIO (vCIO) and Technical Alignment Manager (TAM).

As a team, your vCIO and TAM focus on staying in close contact with you to assist with:

  • Budget reviews
  • Needs assessments
  • Building a technology roadmap

We customize technology roadmaps to match your current network security needs and deliver ongoing support.

Receive a proposal for network security that is customized for your threat landscape.

Senior Living

Senior Living

With over 20 years of experience in the Senior Living industry, DVD understands the unique network challenges Operators and Owners of Senior Living communities face.

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Hospitals and Physician Practices

Hospitals and Physician Practices

DVD has been supporting hospitals and physician practices for more than 20 years, demonstrating the ability to integrate multiple systems successfully.

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Small/Medium Enterprise

Small/Medium Enterprise

All sizes of companies benefit from aligning themselves with technology vendors that understand your specific needs, and DVD’s consultative approach brings value to SMBs.

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Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise

DVD helps large enterprises accomplish more with less by leveraging the latest in business IT and network solutions.

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