How This Insurance Company Transitioned to a Remote Workforce

WBA Insurance is a full service insurance agency specializing in home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance & life insurance in Richmond, Virginia. WBA Insurance employees needed a more supportive IT infrastructure and subsequently a robust remote workforce solution immediately following the massive shake-up in how we work during a pandemic.



How This Insurance Company Transitioned to a Remote Workforce with Expert IT Solutions


As the pandemic halted traditional office environments, team members were unable to communicate with customers efficiently while working from home. Customer support initiatives were subject to remediation if not for the introduction of telephony services, cloud technology, and a responsive helpdesk.

Key Outcomes

After creating a project management plan with internal WBA Insurance stakeholders, the Dominion Voice and Data project management team created an itemized support plan detailing every step of the process, setting up WBA Insurance entire workforce with complete remote work abilities and beyond when the permanent office was operational again. These IT solutions resulted in higher forecasted profits for WBA Insurance during a year where many businesses folded under the pressure.


Meredith Simmons, Operations Manager, WBA Insurance, expressed, “The timeliness, the professionalism. They (Dominion Voice and Data) were thinking about things we weren’t even thinking about.”

Challenge: Need more supportive IT infrastructure and remote workforce solution

WBA Insurance previous phone system was a major concern for transitioning to a remote workforce. Their previous phone system did not permit making or receiving calls from work lines outside of the office.


John Ruch, President, WBA Insurance, expressed, “We’ve seen a huge reduction in IT issues that result in company-wide outages and we’ve seen huge improvements in resolution time whenever there is an issue.”

Solution: Implement an improved business phone system to support remote workforce

Implementing an improved business phone system by Dominion Voice and Data gave WBA Insurance functionality which enabled their entire team to have a much more flexible work environment and in turn support their customer service initiatives.


Meredith Simmons, Operations Manager, WBA Insurance, expressed, “If our servers were down, we couldn’t access their (customer) policy information or didn’t have access to the information needed to make a change to their policy or answer a billing questions…it would certainly have an effect on our customers.”

Results: Utilize a project management workflow with internal WBA Insurance stakeholders  

Dominion Voice and Data was able to analyze WBA Insurance’s current IT infrastructure and provide a very detailed and itemized solution. Utilizing a project management workflow, transfer of the entire phone, network services and hardware handoff was executed seamlessly.


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