Monthly Byte: Why The Right Technology Partner Makes Upgrading to VoIP Easier

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Why The Right Technology Partner Makes Upgrading Easier


Smart business managers admit that they don’t and can’t know everything about the technology that enables their business. Even Steve Jobs acknowledged that he didn’t have all the answers. He explained that his role was not to know everything about every technology out there, it was to see the big picture for his company and the products they were making and hold every facet of the business pointed towards that vision. Read more >>

In the News

Why Enterprises Are Switching from Premise to Cloud UC


The need to support a mobile enterprise workforce is increasingly being met by shifting from premise- to cloud-based unified communications (UC). Deploying UC services via the cloud to tens or tens of thousands of employees offers a number of advantages to businesses over premise-based UC solutions. Read more >>


Digital Spring Cleaning ChecklistDigital Spring Cleaning Checklist: Consider decluttering your digital assets with these spring cleaning tips and resources, helping your organization improve the performance of your digital devices, gain IT peace of mind, and help safeguard you and your sensitive data from vulnerabilities.




Are You Securing Your Telephones?


Organizations can spend millions of dollars protecting their networks with best-of-breed security software and systems, but while these can defeat most determined ‘head-on’ attacks, they also force hackers to be more creative in the way that they probe their targets for weaknesses that they can exploit. Read more >>


 Upcoming Events

LeadingAge Virginia 2022 Annual Conference & Expo

June 15-17, 2022, Roanoke, VA
Booth #301

In partnership with Watchguard Technologies and WBA Insurance, Dominion Voice and Data will be presenting A Powerhouse Duo: Cyber Insurance and Cyber Security Risk Mitigation Strategies, Wednesday, June 15, from 2:30pm until 3:30pm. More details to follow.

Tips to reduce carbon footprint in celebration of Earth Day:

Image of earth planet. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA

🟢 Recycle end-of-life or reuse ICT equipment

🟢 Hydrate by using a refillable water bottle or mug

🟢 Use team chat apps (Like Microsoft Teams) and VoIP phone systems, instead of in-person meetings: Less travel, less greenhouse gas emissions, more productivity

🟢 Adopt remote work policies: 27% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation sources, including emissions generated by employees traveling for office-related business and commuting to and from their jobs. - c2es [dot] org

🟢 Go paperless and avoid printing: Adopting cloud storage can greatly increase organization standards, improving mobility, accountability, and collaboration

There is only one earth 🌎. Let's take care of it.

Team DVD Networks

Spectralink Versity Training

Dominion Voice and Data (DVD) provided Spectralink Versity Smartphone mobility training this past month, training healthcare workers at a major healthcare provider hospital. 

This wasn't a "normal" training confined to a conference room, but rather meeting healthcare workers where they were. Our Sales team met healthcare workers in the Emergency Department, in corridors, and just about anywhere healthcare staff were working, to conduct in-person demos of Spectralink Versity Smartphone series. Dominion Voice and Data is committed to supporting client's needs, supporting medical workers with the mobility tools they need.

Pictured left: Chris Harris, Sales Director



What Customers Are Saying

"The issue was persistent, but our technical support was equally so in addressing the problem. Patience and follow-up, along with courteous service, made the process a pleasant one."

Non-profit Development & Housing customer

"DVD Networks saved the day & & completely came to my rescue when I was no longer able to send/receive emails - THANK YOU!"

Insurance Firm customer

"The team was fast to respond and knew exactly what to do (as usual)."

Senior Living customer