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National Small Business Week: May 1-7, 2022

SMBs are not immune to cyber attacks and are more accurately described as an easy target. According to the Coro 2022 Cyber Threats report, the typical mid-market company with a 1,00 employees can expect to face five to seven attacks per employee per month.

Not sure if your wireless network is negatively impacting your small business? Are you confident your employees can spot a phishing scam? Don't panic! Read our curated list of blog posts to ensure your small business has the tools needed to respond effectively. 



Providing Innovative Home Office Cybersecurity for Remote Workers 

Secure Your Data with Monitoring and Support 

How SMBs Can Better Prepare For Rise in Cybercrime

Hybrid Work Is Only Viable with Unified Cybersecurity

Monitoring the Dark Web to Keep Customers Information Safe 

How Attractive Is Your Business to Ransomware Gangs

4 Tips to Managing Your Personally Identifiable Information 

Think You Know Ransomware Test Your Knowledge 

Social Media Safety Tips: Ways to Keep Your Social Media Account Safe  

 Remote Workforce:

Helping Businesses Transition to a Remote Workforce 

Business Phone Systems:

Why You Should Move Your Business Phone System to the Cloud 

Business IT Resources:

Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist for Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses

Lowering Your Businesses IT Budget

The Factors That Determine The Cost Of Cyber Insurance

Cloud Computing:

Save on Initial Costs with Cloud Computing 


Webinar On-demandJoin the conversation with experts from Dominion Voice and Data
and WBA Insurance as we discuss what lessons we can learn from the convergence of cybersecurity risk management and practical steps businesses can take towards safeguarding their assets in the event of a cyber attack.

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 In the News

Be Cyber Smart: The safety and security of customer data is key to ongoing success. Watch the video to learn simple actions you can take to protect our organization from ransomware and how to spot these attacks.


What is World Password Day

Weak passwords can compromise the best security tools and controls. With a never-ending list of applications and services that users and consumers access, people may have dozens of passwords to maintain at any given time. So the temptation is there to use familiar terms, pet names, favorite teams or the names of children or friends. Users must resist the temptation to create passwords that are easy to guess or deduce by simple examinations of social media.

World Password Day 2022

Remember to take the time to follow the basic guidelines for passwords to improve our security and the security and privacy of your personal information.
  1. Under Lock and Key - Creating strong passwords offers greater security for minimal effort. Download article >>
  2. Managing Passwords & Pins - Download infographic >>

Password Day serves as a reminder for people to maintain good password practices. It stresses that passwords are the keepers to digital identities, bank accounts, health records and personal and private information. By taking simple precautions, people can greatly improve the strength of their passwords to reduce the risk that their accounts and services will accessed by malicious attackers.


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